One of my favorite ways that I can tell that Maggie loves tennis day is that she always wants to wear her tennis T-shirt to school on Thursdays, along with a matching green skirt or green shorts, and green barrette or bow in her hair. She always wears her biggest smile on tennis days, too, which makes us feel good about participating in the Little Racquets program.

Having our children participate in organized sports is important to my husband and I. This can be difficult for us, as we are both working full time. We are delighted that the Goddard School is able to provide Maggie with tennis lessons on site through the Little Racquets program. It is great that she can receive individual attention, even while she is with her group of friends!

We love that Maggie is learning tennis fundamentals, while having lots of fun! After tennis class, she shows us how to shuffle, or hold a racquet, or swing backhand. She tells us about the fun new character balls and how to "bounce - hit". At dinner, she is so excited to have something of her very own to share with the family. We refer to the weekly handouts so that we can ask her specific questions about what she learned. She is learning something new, and I can see how that is building her confidence!

Thanks, Lynn!

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