Little boy The Little Racquets program is completely portable. All equipment is easily set up, and designed to ensure safety and success: junior-sized tennis racquets, foam balls, tennis balls with dangling ribbons, short courts, and miniature nets.

A Little Racquets session consists of one class per week, and can range from 5-14 weeks. One Little Racquets class lasts 35 minutes - 1 hour. After each class, parents receive a report detailing their child's progress and activities. All participants receive a Little Racquets T-shirt and water bottle.

Little Racquets emphasizes fun, age-appropriate activities. In a playful, nurturing atmosphere, children develop basic warm-up, motor and racquet skills through drills and games such as:

Administrators report that Little Racquets enhances physical, emotional, intellectual and social abilities:

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