Little girl The overall goal of the curriculum is to engage children in educational, challenging, playful activities that foster their physical and emotional well- being. The developmentally-appropriate lesson plans emphasize fun rather than competition. Through creative activities, drills and games, children improve their language arts, cognitive, motor, social, science and emotional skills. These skills can be used in the classroom daily.

A Teacher's Guide, Lesson Plans and Video were developed to assist the teachers in understanding and implementing the Little Racquets curriculum.

  1. The Teacher's Guide is an overview to the program. It includes information on curriculum, teaching essentials, lesson plans, teaching aids, tennis terms and equipment.
  2. Lesson Plans cover toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k and school-aged children. Each class should include the following activities: objectives, warm-ups, drills, progressions, games and relay races.
  3. The Instructional Video illustrates warm-ups, drills, games, relay races, equipment set-up and tennis technique. This allows a teacher to use the Teacher's Guide and Lesson Plans so that they can review the techniques and teach with clarity and confidence.
  4. Equipment will be provided to teach 12 kids.

These resources will allow a teacher to understand the philosophy behind Little Racquets, technical knowhow and all the tennis language used to teach children. Further onsite training is available upon request.

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