Camps - The Little Racquets tennis program serves as a recruitment and enrichment program for preschool and school-aged children (ages 3-9) during summer camp. Program is a 6-8 week session of skills, drills and fun.

Curriculums - Schools can utilize Little Racquets as a curriculum item for the length of a school year. Kids will learn gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more, while building self-esteem and confidence.

Recreation Centers-Little Racquets offers an after-school program for ages 6-9, which focuses on group play and skill development, and fosters healthy social interaction for children among their peers.

Preschool Enrichment Programs - As an after-preschool program, Little Racquets provides that extra bit of recreation for the young and energetic at heart. (ages 3-5)

Daycare programs - Little Racquets can be utilized as an enrichment offering within any daycare schedule. (ages 3-9)

Special Needs - As an adapted program, Little Racquets can benefit children with autism, traumatic brain injuries and other developmental disabilities.

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