Little girl Take your passion for tennis to the next level!

Bring your love of the game to future generations of players!

Join the Little Racquets Staff and help the tennis players of tomorrow get started TODAY!

What is Little Racquets?

Little Racquets is a program that uses elements of tennis to engage kids in stimulating, playful activities that enhance their physical and emotional abilities.
Designed for kids aged 3 to 8, Little Racquets was created by a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association, and is taught in schools,
daycare facilities and recreation centers. Little Racquets classes can be held in virtually any classroom, gymnasium or outdoor environment.

What are the requirements for being an instructor?

Personable, energetic and motivated. Enjoy working with children. Flexible hours, days and weekends. No evenings Teaching experience a plus but not required.
Tennis knowledge NOT required. Willing to travel to locations around North East Ohio.

Where do I get more information or sign up?

Visit our website at Contact Rona Brody at or call Rona at 440-561-0414

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